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I have been acquiring a few old insulator books as my interest in collecting has been rekindled. The Schroeder book "800 Insulators" was the first insulator book I bought many years ago and it was my bible for years of collecting. It is filled with crude line drawings, and vague descriptions of embossings and includes glass, porcelain and other types of insulators. It was written before the CD number system was developed and accepted by collectors everywhere.

I enjoy looking through the old books as many of them are filled with patent and historical information on insulators. The prices in the old books can be very entertaining as well. The two modern price guides are invaluable in helping to determine the value of the many insulators I'm bidding for on eBay.

I am also slowly building up a library of back issues of "Crown Jewels of the Wire" magazine, as I find them. I also have a few issues of the old "Canadian Bottle and Stoneware Collector" magazine that had a regular column on insulators. I have put together a list of magazines that I have so far. I have a few duplicate issues of Crown Jewels that are for sale on the Insulators for Sale page.

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