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Foreign Glass Insulators - Arranged by CD

Click on the Photograph icon to view a photograph of the insulator. Click anywhere outside the photo popup window to close it automatically.

Since I live in Canada, and Mexico is a long way from me, I consider Mexican insulators to be foreign, even though they are listed in the North American Price Guide.

NOTE: This page uses a specialized downloadable font file to show the proper insulator markings and symbols. These fonts only work properly with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. In other browsers, you will see odd letters or symbols instead of the actual insulator markings.

I have added icons to the list to highlight specific insulators that are unlisted in the "Glass Insulators from Outside North America" price guide and reference book. See below for a list of the icons and their meanings. New Item

Here are flags of all the countries represented in my foreign insulator collection. Click on the flags to jump to the "By Country" listing, for that particular country. Due to the large number of Australian pieces that I have in my collection, they are listed on a separate page.

Algeria    Argentina    Australia    Belgium    Brazil    Chile    Colombia    Egypt    Finland    France    Germany    Iran    Italy    Kenya    Mexico    Morocco    Poland    Romania    Russia    Spain    Uruguay   

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