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What's Not New on the Site (2003)

December 23, 2003
Added a couple of new items to the Foreign and Aussie listings.
Updated the Want List page!
Have a great holiday season!

November 29, 2003
Removed another item from the Want List page. Just bought a CD 128 Hemi Opalescent!
Added a new Russian CD 247.5 to the Foreign listings.
Added a new wooden spool electric fence insulator to the Spools and Non-Glass pages.
Pictures will be added for these items soon.

November 14, 2003
Added some new pics to the Aussie listing.
New "Featured Insulator" this month! Australian Rarities and Uncommons!

October 15, 2003
Hit counter recently passed the 4,000 mark!
Added a couple of new items to the Links Page!
Knocked a couple of things off of the Want List Page this month.
I've recently acquired a CD 1052 spool in flashed amber, a CD 423 AGM - SUB variant and I just bought a CD 446!
I've added a few more specific items onto the Want List Page.
Added a few new items and new pics to various pages.
Updated and rearranged the Non Glass page and added new pictures.

September 8, 2003
Added a new Site Search function to the main page! Try it out!
Added a new composite strain to the Non-Glass page.

August 28, 2003
Revised the layout of the Sign Guestbook and the View Guestbook pages.
Hit counter recently passed the 3,800 mark!
Added some new and updated pics on the Foreign pages.

August 14, 2003
Added pics of the CD 157 and 175 to the North American listing.
Added pics of the Russian non-glass insulator to the Foreign listings.
Added some new pieces from Argentina and Uruguay to the Foreign listings.

July 17, 2003
Added an Insulators For Sale page.

July 15, 2003
Added a new story to the Hunts and Trips 2003 page.
Added some new items and pics to the Non-Glass listing.
Added new non-glass pics to the Aussie listing.
Added a Non-Glass section to the Foreign CD listing page.

July 14, 2003
Knocked another two items off of my Want List page. Just bought a CD 157 and a CD 175.

July 5, 2003
Added a new Awards page!!!
My site was voted second for "Outstanding Showmanship" in the ICON "Best of the Web" Contest.
Hit counter recently passed the 3,500 mark!
That is almost 500 visits since the launch of the revised site in late May.

June 4, 2003
The next Featured Insulator is the CD 430 from Australia!
I have had over 100 hits on the page since I launched the revised version of the site in late May.
Thanks to all who have dropped by and especially those who have emailed me with nice comments!
I've been working through the pages testing the links. Let me know if you find any broken links.

May 20, 2003
Today is the launch day for Sluggo's Insulator Collecting Page Version 2.0!!
Major site overhaul in the past two weeks! New layout for the main page. A new look for many pages.
Restructured the navigation menus.
Installed a new JavaScript to display images in a separate auto-closing popup window.
Show report and pictures from Perth, Ontario show are available now.
Added a separate page for glass strain insulators.
Added a separate page for glass net floats.
Removed the glass spool section from the North American listing page, since it is on a separate page elsewhere.
Updated group shots for several countries on the Foreign listings.
New pictures added all over the place.
Added a long story about "How I Got Started Collecting Insulators".
Added a few picture links to the Want List page.

April 21, 2003
The hit counter passed 3,000 last week!
Thanks to all who have visited and especially to those who keep coming back.
Updated several of the Collection Listing pages with new items, including North American, Foreign, and Non-Glass.
Show report and pictures from Perth, Ontario 2003 will be posted in a few days.

March 19, 2003
Hit counter passed 2,800 this week!
Added some new pictures and updated group pictures to the Foreign listing pages.
New pics of the insulators from Chile, Argentina and Russia.
Updated the Glass Radio Strain section.
Updated the Non-Glass section.

March 4, 2003
Hit counter passed 2,700 last weekend!

February 22, 2003
New items and pics added to the Foreign CD listings from Argentina and Chile!
Updated My Want List page again.

February 12, 2003
Hit counter passed 2,600 today!

January 28, 2003
Added a new page of humourous definitions of Online Auction Terms seen!

January 16, 2003
Updated a couple of pics on the Aussie collection page.
Updated the "Insulator of the Month - CD 590 AGM" from last June with some new pics.
Hit counter passed 2,400 this week!

January 8, 2003
Moved the universal currency converter to a separate page.
Added and updated some pics on the Aussie pages.
Added a new composite strain to the Non-Glass page.

January 5, 2003
Added additional photos to the Insulator of the Month page!

January 2, 2003
The Insulator of the Month is the CD 423 from Australia!
Annual shuffling of update, hunting and show pages.
Updated the icons throughout the listing pages,
New pics added to Foreign pages.
New CD 121 amber added to Aussie page. Colour listings updated too.

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